MS Word Version Investment Tracking Form Added to the Toolkit

Considering that SharePoint and InfoPath based Investment Tracking Form is not a viable solution in many districts, I added a new Investment Tracking Form developed in Microsoft Word to the CBB Toolkit. You can also download the form by clicking on this MS Word icon .

This version includes three critical elements that are often missing in a typical Investment Tracking form: 1) cost per pupil, 2) measurable target outcomes, and 3) review cycle. Compared to the web-based solution (SharePoint and InfoPath), using the MS Word based form has many limitations. With that said, it does provide the following features:

  1. It is a template file. When a user opens the template, a new file will be automatically created with the template intact.
  2. It is a password-protected fillable form. Users cannot make changes to the form except filling in the fields.
  3. The Subtotal, Total, and Unit Cost fields will be automatically calculated if users press the “Tab” key to move to the next field when filling out Section B and C.

After users fill out and return this MS Word based Form, the next task is to extract (export) the data entered in the Word document for reporting and analysis. It is a tedious job to do this manually, and will become time-consuming and labor intensive as submitted forms accumulate after a few years. I will provide a solution that exports the data from all submitted forms using this template into Excel at a later date.

If you have any question about how to use or tweak this Word version Investment Tracking Form or suggestions, please contact me.


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