What are the benefits of adopting Cycle-based Budgeting?

District senior leaders (cabinet level)

CBB will make you feel more comfortable and confident to say “No” or “Yes, but” to programs that are not benefiting students, due to either misalignment with the district’s strategic plan or lack of evidence showing effectiveness and efficiency. As a result, money can be saved from failing programs or pet projects and redirected to new promising programs or areas that needs more resources.

Leaders in finance

CBB will allow you to track spending around your district’s strategic planning and execution, as well as answer questions such as how much money has been spent on literacy, math intervention, discipline, or certain subgroups. Most important, it enables you to examine the academic return on investment by looking at whether the spending has led to the intended outcomes and communicate the financial data with the school board and other stakeholders.

Program directors & school principals

For program directors & school principals who are at the forefront of running programs to improve education for the children, CBB provides a process supported by tools that help you be more thoughtful and intentional about who the program will be targeting, what the measurable goals are, how long it will take to achieve those goals, and how the money will be spent, thus making it more likely to succeed.

Program evaluators

Your work will be central for district senior leaders to evaluate whether a program should be continued, expanded, downsized, or terminated.


What to do next?

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District senior leader

It is suggested that you read Cycle-based Budgeting: A Primer first to develop an understanding of the rationale for CBB. Next, check out Implementation Guide & Strategies on the Toolkit page for strategies of introducing CBB to your system. Once you help other senior leaders understand the needs and potential benefits as well as get their buy-ins, you can share this web site with the Finance Director of your district and support his/her efforts.

Leaders in finance

It is suggested that you check out the documents on the Toolkit page. Next, communicate with your supervisor (at the cabinet level) about CBB and your intention of implementing it in your district. Refer to Implementation Guide & Strategies on the Toolkit page for strategies of how to gain your supervisor’s attention and support. You should also provide your supervisor with materials she/he can use to help other senior leaders understand the needs and benefits of CBB. Once you have gathered enough support from the senior leaders, use the Toolkit as a guide for your effort. If you don’t have a staff member that is technology savvy, reach out to the IT department for technology support.


Where do I seek and get help?

You can contact us for any question related to CBB.